Saturday, January 16

Each is a Godsend

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When things go awry,
Do not withdraw, re-try;
No breaking into bray,
Many in the fray;

All stars shine, oceans have brine,
Don’t whine, be benign;
Flowers bloom,
Some late, some soon;

These fears, those emotions are common to all,
Plants need water to grow tall;
Support is not just required by weak,
Help is for all to seek;

Falter does not make one meek,
Light up today if yesterday was bleak;
No condition lasts long enough; pain of bluff, patch so rough;
Not speaking off the cuff;

Go ahead and share,
Occasionally let down your hair;
Every end makes a beginning,
The hymn you have been singing;

Darkness will go,
Space will glow;
Take that blow,
Near a bump, go slow;

Breathe life into life,
Spread harmony, contain strife;
Sweat on your face is no disgrace,
Shed that grimace;

In this day and hour, invest your power, a mix of sweet and sour,
Accept and embrace, set your future ablaze;
Denial can kill, throw you off the hill,
Do not sit still;

Stay agile, relations are fragile, may have to go extra mile,
Remember to do that with a smile;
The wait will end, or set some trend;
Enjoy the blend for each is a Godsend.


About Author

A protean member of Gen Y who aspires to be a polymath and an influencer; who enjoys Art as much as Science, abstract as much as physical, listening as much as talking, learning as much as teaching, giving as much as receiving, writing as much as reading, poetry as much as prose. Above all, she is a permanent schoolchild.

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