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The Quest for Purpose in Life

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In the past few days, while chatting with my friends, I noticed an issue that crept in our conversations time and again- that they are not enjoying their lives. Mind you, they are successful in their profession with hefty pay packages, regular vacations and are leading a life which may be envious to outsiders. But still, they are not having the time of their life. This question left me pondering for quite some time as to what might be missing in their life which seems perfect from outside. And after spending a lot of time, I finally had my Eureka moment! So in this post, I am going to tell you about one single thing absence of which shall leave you with a feeling that something is missing, something is not right. And that thing my friend is Purpose. Yes, you heard it right- Purpose. Even when you have everything in life, without Purpose you will always feel a sense of hollowness inside, you will be unmotivated, direction-less and unsure of yourself.

What is Purpose?

So let’s begin with what is purpose? A purpose is an accomplishment you may want to devote your life to. It is a cause towards which you are willing to toil day and night, years after year. It may be anything you care for deeply, something which justifies your existence and something you can pass on as your legacy to this world. Once you find your purpose in life, nothing can stop you from treading on the path to achieve it. You will be happy to give up your worldly possessions to pursue it. It will be your source of motivation, your shining star in the darkness gripping you during your lows and will guide your way in your daily life.

However, most of us misunderstand the whole concept of purpose and tend to link it with goals such as getting a degree or having a socially acceptable life. And then after religiously working towards them, once we accomplished them, we are left with a big question- what next? It is quite easy to confuse purpose in life with milestones. Since childhood, we are made to get accustomed to the sheep mentality. We start studying with other children, ape what everyone around is doing, try getting good grades so as to land a good job. We are in automatic mode- doing what everyone around is doing. Our goals are set by societal expectations and we equate the societal norms with our ultimate objective in life. We whine at our work life balance, work aimlessly to get one material possession after another only to get the nod from society. However, we fail to understand that getting a prestigious college degree or having that dream car is not the purpose of life- these are not something which you will happily sacrifice your life for. These are merely milestones on your road to your ultimate objective. Your life is greater and far superior to just a college degree and a shiny car in your garage. A Purpose is something which is above you and your existence, something which shall change the world, leave an impact and something through which the world will be a better place when you leave it. It can be anything you deeply care about- whether eradicating the global poverty or inventing a technology that shall change the course of mankind for good. It is something you believe in with all your heart.

Purpose of Life by Rajesh

Purpose is a rudder which guides the ship of our life.

 Why is it important to have a Purpose in Life?

Having a purpose in life is akin to a having a rudder in ship. You know exactly where you are sailing to. Each and every action and decision of yours is based on taking you one step closer to your purpose. Ever wondered how Elon Musk clocked more than hundred hour workweek for years. It was because he has a purpose in life- to save mankind from extinction and evolve us into multi-planetary species. Every moment, every single moment of his life is dedicated to his purpose. And the results have been spectacular as well. He has built three industries which were earlier non-existent entirely from scratch. Such is his vision, that he is able to attract the best of talents from the globe to work for him. He has found his purpose and he is working towards it.

How to find the Purpose of your existence?

Most of the individuals are completely clueless about their purpose in life. They keep hopping from one job to another, switching careers in between but never realize what they are lacking. They are clueless about what they want to do with their life. No one is going to tell you what your purpose in life is. You have to look within. Deep inside you know the exact reason for your existence. You just have to keep looking for it. Keep asking yourself- what should I do with my life, what is my life’s purpose? Don’t give up until you find it. It may take time perhaps years to realize it. But once you find it, life will never be the same. Every day will begin with a sense of excitement and will end with contentment.

In the words of wise Steve Jobs “You have to find what you love- do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it, and like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking, don’t settle.”

Keep Looking, Don’t Settle.

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