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FinSocial Photowalk | Humayun Tomb | 23 July- Ground Report

What better way to start your DAY
Group of photographers marching their WAY
It was 23 rd July 2017 MORNING
Humayun’s Tomb: beautiful and ADORNING

Photowalk by Parul JainBeing a Chartered Accountant and an auditor at the same time, I have this habit of collecting documentary evidences in order to substantiate the information and the explanations provided by the company. I think that is an in-built feature and I cannot do anything about it. The same is the case with Photography when you love clicking pictures and collecting memories. A photo enthusiast can never be satisfied with just one picture. And when you are at a place like Humayun’s Tomb with some amazing professional photographers, you just cannot stop clicking.

It was my first ever group PhotoWalk and thanks to FinSocial for organising the same. We started at 9 in the morning. The beauty of Humayun’s Tomb took us all over. Its Persian style of architecture made up of red stones and white marbles, large spacious compound and lush greenery was a treat to the eyes. We all spread across and started what we all love doing the most: CLICKING PICTURES.

The most exciting part of any Photo Walk is when you get your pictures reviewed by the professionals and the same thing happened that day. I got to learn some new camera techniques from the group of photographers I was with. It was all so much fun. I got some really nice shots from the Outer Gate to the interior of the Central Chamber, the intricately carved ceilings and the picturesque landscape. The whole experience was so memorable and one that I will cherish forever.

Photowalk at Humayun Tomb- All photographers

My first ever PHOTOWALK
Sometimes pictures do all the TALK
This UNESCO World Heritage SITE
Humayun’s Tomb was surely a DELIGHT

-PhotoJockey Parul Jain

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