Thursday, September 24

Balance Sheet Tallied!

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Lost in the debits-credits of life, myriad thoughts flickered,
I decided to forsake my passion, but it was a tough call.
My soul got bruised, yet battle going on inside me didn’t end,
I was yearning to have a panacea that could soothe it all.

Applauded by profession-“You made the right choice!
I’ll bring glory to your life, happiness to your family, hold my hand.”
Advised by my passion-“You are doing it all wrong!
Your heart wants me, your soul wrenches without me, take a stand.”

Cajoled by notion of secured future, reputation and proud parents,
The decision seemed perfect, yet the saga of dilemma continued.
Dismayed by aloofness from my passion, I pondered more deeply,
Realized my folly and felt the decision needs to be reviewed.

Before I could do anything, profession held my hand brusquely,
Coarsely hauled me towards it and firmly gripped me harder.
Naïve I was to apprehend that I’ll be a living corpse without my passion,
Something inside was dying, as my profession took me farther.

Lying in the arms of profession, I was far away from my passion,
Longing to amalgamate with it drowned me into unfathomable gloom.

I wanted it to come closer to me and embrace me one more time,
So that I could feel alive and my crimson bleeding heart could bloom.

When my pain reached the saturation point, it ran across my veins,
My heart throbbed frantically, telling me to do what is right.
I garnered all my courage, stood up and clutched profession,
To wade towards my passion, as it was the high time to reunite.

Holding passion in one hand and profession in another,
I thought it’s going to be difficult, but I knew I am capable.
All the pain, suffering, anguish and agony faded away,
Life’s balance sheet got tallied and the feeling is inexplicable!


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Poet in the making. Aspiring storyteller. Warrior with the pen. High on literature. Extroverted introvert. Lover of unwavering solitude. Magnanimous. Wanderer. Observant. Pertinacious. Untamed. Hard nut to crack. Mystery unraveled.

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