Wednesday, August 12

Life is not Bad, Life is Good

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When I was in school, I wanted to be here where I am currently – working a good paying job, in a big reputed corporate, dressed in a suit, working in a challenging profile, respected all over..

When I was 15, I wanted to be 23.

I wanted to complete the prestigious course, get a degree, do an internship,
And then become ultra rich or famous,
And change the world,
And get all the things that I ever wished for.

But here I am, 23.
Became a professional somehow, missing to be 15,
don’t know what to do with life,
somehow managing to spend time with parents.
not even my neighbours know me,
wasting life watching movies and tv series, spending 4 hours a day in to and fro from office, waiting for weekends, then spending it in sleeping and making no progress towards personal goals…

But it’s fine.?

I have my mom who still calls me every day,
Dad who preaches wisdom,
Friends who are as goofy and dreamy as me, against whom i dont have to unnecessarily complain about my boss to fit in the peer pressure.
A bully big Brother with whom i can be most myself and who will always hold my back even though he lives 7 oceans apart.
Life is not bad.
Life is good.

I don’t have what I wanted at 23,
But I will have what I want no matter at 23 or 70.
Be it live singing in a cafe,
Having my own business and clients,
Getting six pack abs,
Coding an app, or travelling alone

So rather than thinking where we fit in the big picture and dwell on the purpose of life;
Sit back, hold on.
Enjoy that coffee till the last sip.
We never know if that’s the last coffee. !❤️


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