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FinSocial Harmonies 1.0- Ground Report

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“Dude…. ☹ “, a whatsapp text flashed on my screen from a distressed friend.

“We tried reservations for the Finsocial Music Event but the bookings are full and closed now! What do we do?!”, a couple of friends were simultaneously whimpering on our whatsapp group.

Fortunately for all of us, the Finsocial team generously moved the venue so as to accommodate more people, like my friends, who were regretting not registering in due time and re-opened the registration link.

And then the D-day arrived. It was 27th August, started as a bright, hot, sunny day and I was pretty excited about the event that was going to be held at chic Firangi Island cafe. Excited, so much so, that I was bringing my entire family to the event and my closest friends too! And the reasons, I was flushed with so much excitement and eagerness were the facts that:
– I had an idea about the performers and I knew the level of sheer awesomeness they were going to ignite in the audience
-this event was being prepared, performed, staged, presented and lived by the finance people, for the finance people, from the finance people. Therein, breaking all myths (with a loud THUD!) about us that we are boring, number-crunching people with barely any life outside our offices.
-Infact, I also had an idea about the kind of creative environment I was gonna step into. You know, how birds of a feather flock together? So it was understood, that the creatively-experimental Finsocial Harmonies team, that consisted of Ankit Bajaj, Abhishek Sharma, Sadhna Sharma and Krishna Vatsal Tyagi was going to attract an imaginative-enthusiastic crowd.

“This person is such an amazing singer! ”, I remember exclaiming this to my father, just so many times, even before the performers started. Well, because I had seen or heard of, their art at other platforms and with every passing performer, my excitement was just brimming; such was the lineage of the uber-talented-yet-grounded artists!

We started with Finsocial introduction & the Kasol video of Finsocial’s hep soft-launch. And the event was kick started by one of the co-founders and insanely talented musician, Ankit Bajaj, wherein he performed his original composition “Mazze Mazze Mei” written by himself, followed by popular 90s numbers like “O sanam”, “dooba dooba” and “Dhoom Pichak Dhoom which set the tone perfectly for the gig.

Then came one of the most popular and scintillating songs ever “Zara zara behekta hai”, voiced by Aastha Gupta with gifted flutist Abhishek Jain, jack of all trades Abhishek Sharma and brilliant violinist Rojan.

This enchanting performance was followed by the beautiful tribute to the Jagjit Singh by another one of the FinSocial co-founder, very talented Sambhav Mehrotra with the expert guitarist Manish.

Then came the one-man-army performer Gaurav Dang, who sang and played the guitar himself for ‘Bulla ki Jaana’ and he also played for our very own nightingale, Akanksha’s Nawazishein Karam.

Post this, we were all taken on a romantic spree by the romance-wizard Saifi with his lineup of bollywood romantic songs and the ace-singer Krishna with his heartwarming “Piya Basanti Re”, along with Shantanu Singh Chaudhary and Ankit Tyagi. Shantanu, as I got to know, is not only a MBA- Finance, but a grade five musician as well.

And now we were taken back in time by Aditya, who is the finance industry’s answer to bollywood industry’s Atif Aslam, with his retro medley.

And then came Kashif Khan, the 4th generation maestro sarangi player, also a practicing CA (like WHAT?!?!?!!) alongwith extremely talented Ankit Bhola with their jaw dropping performance of my favorite song (these days) ‘Rashk-e-qamar’. Without a second thought, this was the highlight of the entire event for me personally, experiencing two geniuses performing my favorite Qawwali!


And when I thought, it couldn’t get any better than this, we had Shayan performing numbers like “The Scientist” from Coldplay and “Hey Jude” from Beatles, firing up the atmosphere and we had Ramya who sang “ye tumhari meri baatein” in her raw husky voice.

Yet, highlight of the last segment had to be the insane solos played by Abhishek Sharma on his electric guitar for ‘Hotel California’ with Ramya on the vocals. Oh boy! Was it mesmerizing!

And that’s how we came to an end to the superlative music event by Finsocial and I was still happily lost in my trance until the café crew turned on their bright lights as a signal that the show was over. I think that was my Sunday spent extremely well.

Looking forward to many more such events on the platform presented by Finsocial very soon!

And as I am approaching the end of my experiential article, I am humming “chalte chalte, mere ye geet yaad rakhna” (on the behalf of finsocial).

On that merry note, I’ll be signing off now! Ciao!
Disha VarmaDisha Varma

Editor’s Note:

Team FinSocial would like to thank Disha Varma for this beautiful description of her experience at Harmonies 1.0. We would also like to thank following people for their contribution in making this music event a success-

  • Abhishek Sharma and Shadhna Sharma for their helpful hand in managing the event
  • Ayush Gund for supporting every musician through his mastery over Cajon
  • Ankit Tyagi and soundforest.in for capturing the sound as beautifully as it was played
  • Avdhesh, Himanshu and Rajeev for video production
  • Vaibhav for capturing the mood and vibes of the event through his lenses and for event highlights video
  • Firangi Island for hosting us- you are surely a hidden treasure which we gladly managed to discover
  • Most importantly, all the musicians and singers and the audience, who made this event a success and helped in putting cracks on that perceived image of Finance Professionals.

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