Tuesday, October 27

FinSocial Literature Meet #1- Ground Report

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“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.”
― P.G. Wodehouse

This is the beauty and power of literature which cannot be overemphasized. If there is anything that fills leisure moments better than reading literature, it is discussing literature. To celebrate the book-reading culture and promulgate varicoloured ideas- FinSocial organised a literature meet- a meeting of like minds canvassing various forms of creative expressions in writing. It also offered space to the up-and-coming writers (including me) to share their literary works. The comfortable setting provided by 91springboard equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure certainly upgraded the experience.

I was one of the over-enthusiastic participants, wallowing in wondrous recitals of poetry and prose. To give an account of a conclave that was so eventful is difficult for a beginner. I will nonetheless try. It was largely a gathering of finance professionals, chartered accountants (both accomplished and in the making)-this may raise some eyebrows- all set to broaden their horizons. Each partaker was given sufficient time to speak for and about oneself, one’s interests and writings. The event also marked the launch of the website- FinSocial.in- to improve not just browsing but also living experience. To add to the splendor, there was Kulvinder Ruhil, more famously known as Sehat Singh, whose presence and words were equally enrapturing. By the end of the meet, every member was enriched-with expanded insight and meaningful connections. Also, each went away with a paperback as a swap-needless to say-all smiles.

-Tarini Suneja

Sehat Singh aka Kulvinder Ruhil at FinSocial Literature Meet Event at Noida

Kulvinder Ruhil, our special guest of the event. People know him as Sehat Singh, the Chartered Accountant with a six pack abs. This event saw a completely different side of his- The Poet Sehat Singh or Kullu Kamali- his pen name.

Editor’s Note:

FinSocial will like to thank Tarini Suneja for a crisp and pristine view of the first FinSocial Literature Meet. Also a special thanks to-

  • 91Springboard for hosting us. We all wish to have a working place like the one provided by you.
  • Cheero for capturing us all
  • All the participants
  • Sehat Singh for taking out time to be among us and sharing with us some very important life lessons, sprinkled with your witty shayaris.

Stay tuned for our next LitMeet Event! Meanwhile keep sharing your work for finsocial.in at hello@finsocial.in.


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