Saturday, December 5

Sajna Ve – Gurdas Maan | Ankit Bhola feat CA Kashif Khan & Ankit Bajaj | Harmonies 1.0

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Only the ultimate Ankit Bhola and legendary CA Kashif Khan can pull off this beautiful Gurdas Maan song this way!

Sajna Ve covered at FinSocial Harmonies 1.0
Vocals – Ankit Bhola
Sarangi – CA Kashif Khan
Guitar – Ankit Bajaj
Cajon – Ayush Gund
Sound – – Ankit Tyagi
Video – Avdesh

CA Kashif Khan, a practicing chartered accountant is a third generation musician belonging from the Delhi gharana of music. He plays flawless sarangi made by his grandfather and believes that it is responsibility to take forward this dying art/instrument.

Ankit Bhola is a finance consultant and is into his own practice specializing in indirect taxes. He is a powerhouse in vocals and adds the folk & sufi music genre from Punjab to the Harmonies Club.

Ankit Bajaj is a Chartered Accountant and is currently working as the Regional Finance Manager at a pan india hospital chain. He plays rhythm guitars and a few percussion instruments, is a singer, songwriter and music is the drug that keeps him going among all the choas around.

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Original Track Credits: Sajna Ve – The legendary Gurdaas Maan.


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