Wednesday, August 12

CA Results- Can you hear it?

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So CA Final results are around the corner and i know how you are feeling…stressed, depressed and what not !

As you are reading this, you are hearing your own voice – i repeat – your own voice.
Can you hear it ? this is by far the most important thing you own !
A mark sheet is someone else’s way of telling you who you are, but you know yourself better than anyone that how amazing you are !
In life, college, interviews, jobs, love, friendships, marriages, heartbreaks, fear, loss – this voice is the only thing you will ever need !

So now when you will be going out to get your results, things ‘may’ get pretty messed up, so don’t listen to others.
People will tell you all sorts of things – give you all sort of advices – matlab jo log whatsapp forwards ko bhi sach mante hain, wo bhi ab tumhara career decide karenge 😛
you might also fell in a predicament of ‘what to do in life’ / ‘whats the purpose of life’ and keep heading deeper into the abyss and keep thinking to leave this behind and follow your passion and that may be a good thing.
But honestly, i am a bit leery of passion for few reasons – one of them being passion is not a plan, its a feeling! – and feelings change.
You can be passionate about a person, a job, a hobby and then not passionate the next.
Just don’t use passion as a yardstick to judge everything by. Success fuels passion and not the other way around.
Trust me its gonna be okay !
you may think you have the most complex life but trust me, every passing face on the street is fighting as hard battle as yours.

You must be thinking ‘bas ek baar CA ho jae, bus ek bar ye obstacle nikal jaega..sab set ho jaega life me’ – but in reality this doesn’t happen. Problems don’t go away, they just keep changing faces and circumstances. First its gonna be exams, then it will be finding a good job, then it will impressing your bosses and getting good projects and promotions, then moving on with your personal life etc. etc. – they never stop. Its so upsetting that it consumes your whole mind.

But just because you have fallen doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. Don’t run into a cave, into your own little world or act like everything is okay when it may not be. Cry if you must, may take a break but come back – stronger and better ! In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. Failure is the only way to success. Seek help if you may, don’t be shy. everybody needs help, even super-heroes does! But don’t quit, you have come this far and now its only one step – Quitting may harbor a regret for lifetime!

The bag you carry in life doesn’t hold your trophies or wins so don’t dwell on it. Nobody asks me how much marks i got in 10th grade, which college i chose and after 10 years nobody is gonna ask me where i am doing my job because as you move on, you realize you are building a life and not a resume !
Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.
Its okay not to have a plan because sometimes you just need to relax, sit back and remind yourself that you are doing your best and everything will turn out just fine.
Do what is right, not what is easy ! 🙂

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– CA Ankit Aggarwal


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