Thursday, January 28

Hope- Are you trying to find it too?

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Some poignant thoughts acclaim my head;
And the fears deep wince my heart;
Some worries arise from the dead;
And I fear, I will fall apart.

I am a painted smile under the shallow sun;
I am a vehement tear in the dark night;
Can’t recall the battles which I have won;
But I am falling apart in this fight.

My drowning courage has no edge to hold;
The might and the will seem slipping away;
I too yearn for a soul to behold;
But what blinds my eyes is dismay.

I was so well poised for this long race;
To hit the bull’s eye at any cost; But,
suddenly this all has turned into a maze;
And I, a traveler, who is lost.

Suddenly the world has stopped around;
And I, stand midst a crowded street;
Then, it would move with a quick rebound;
And I, unable to move my feet.

Now, since hopes have gone in despair;
And I see no chance to recuperate;
I see a dazzle in the air;
Announcing a turn in my fate.

I chase the dazzle all the way;
It leads me to a familiar place;
Why I never approached it in dismay?
Was the question slamming in my face.

I never knew it was all inside;
for I kept believing everything was wrong;
Beneath the void the faith resides:
and hope was there all along.

I told my heart not to cry;
I told my heart to be strong.
What was the need to wince and wry?
When hope was there all along.

My drowning will was saved, Alas!
I told myself, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”;
The clouds of fear began to fade;
I held my might and proudly said:-

So what if I have winced and whined?
Perhaps even pounced in pain;
I will stand up, I will shine


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22, CA final student, Delhite Usually found talking to her own self. Indecisive. Big time foodie. Owes her existence to writing. Loves personifying mundane things. |Life is all about poetry, musings and everything in between|

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