Saturday, December 5

A CA Student Awaiting Result

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(All that a CA student feels one day before the result. I am sorry to have made exam result sound so sentimental but if you are a CA student, we all have the same story, don’t we?)

A day before result

I woke up today drenched in sweat
for, the midnight hour is so haunting
breathing heavily asking myself
if tomorrow brings joy or is full of regret.
Pleading for a lullaby to soothe the restless soul
asking myself as to where I belong
I fear the fall. Oh! I fear the fall
and what it would bring along.

They say
Failure spells nothing but doom
Success- an epitome of felicity yet so serene
but can they not be in the same room?
I wonder and I wonder, if only we can
gather strength to fight this moment of gentle surrender.

Will darkness entwine into my light 
Will this winter bring exam bells?
Or does future hold a moment of absolute delight
the one that words often fail to express.
So many questions but not for long
I fear the fall. Oh! I fear the fall.
And what it would bring along.

This stubborn melancholy in the air
constant ringing of the stomach bells,
the same yellowed nightmare,
how many times do I have to witness?

Putting at stake what values the most
without a clue who’d get the throne
it’s a gamble, my friend! It’s a gamble
If only I had also known.

It’s there and the universe knows it.
It’s there yet I have no clue.
It’s there yet I am made to wonder
if ICAI welcomes me or bids adieu.

Eagerly waiting for time to fly
for, it seems like a million years.
I cross my heart and I won’t lie
waiting to head out of this oblivion
waiting to write my own song.
I fear the fall. Oh! I fear the fall
and what it would bring along.

whatever it will be 
will be for the universal best
best that we are yet to see
I’ll let future unfold the rest.

 -A CA student awaiting result

 Poem and Illustration by Visha Khandelwal


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