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LitMeet #2- A Conglomerate of Literature Enthusiasts

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How do you envision a meet of young folks wherein everybody is from different strata of life? Engineers, doctors, theater artist, CA, CS and what not?
And what do you think, the chimerical chains binding all of them together, yet giving them wings at the same time are made of?
It’s the appetite for words, fierce, feisty and delicate, all together at once. For it is literature, which feeds their soul and gives them an escape from the impalpable realities of life into the ethereal and amazing world of words.

So finally, the day arrived which everybody was ardently waiting for. People gathered around in a lush green Library turned recreational center at Green Park, the verdure of which was magnificent enough to keep each one of us serenaded. And as flocks of writers traced their way to the center amidst the sultry weather, each one of them was ready to get ambushed by the plethora of emotions that was going to flow through the room that fateful day.

As they sipped tea and bantered, their eyes were trying to sneak a peek at the books from different genre presented by BookishSanta.
What a pleasure to see young school kids to grey-headed uncles and aunts gathered together to spread their love for books !!

The meeting, hosted by Arjun Sobti, was conducted in two segments. First, open mic, wherein the guests were allowed to present their write-ups, poems, stories, and the second one was the interview session with some dexterous budding authors along with the presentation of their books.

As soon as the open mic segment started, we could experience a plethora of hidden talent which made us realize that the art of writing is not limited to the books or articles we read so far. But it is the art to express our vision by the words. Anyone can be a writer if you have the urge to write.

Initiated by, Priya Varshney, a B.Tech college student, having a keen interest in psychology, recited a poem. On the people who can’t fulfill their dreams, and how they get a title of being the failure, The poem ends up with silent regret.

Sailing in the same boat as Priya, was our next performer, who apart from being a literature enthusiast, was a drummer, but was coerced into conventional education system.Literature Poster

These two performances reminded us of the same situation we had been through at some point in our lives when most of us never had the guts to pursue what we always wanted and hence could not make our passion, our profession.

Moving on to the next performance, we had another young girl who secernated how it’s completely okay to be imperfect and clueless sometimes and how it’s hunky-dory to live your life just the way you desire. Yes, it’s okay!!
My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Period!
What matters is ‘You’ take the responsibility of your life decisions and give them your best shot even if success is not guaranteed at the end of the road. You can’t always win and you can’t always be perfect. Sometimes it’s just ‘Ok’ to let it be!!

Right after this, we had Ravish who had his own cynical cum satirical take on relationships which left the audience in splits. People were laughing hysterically as this guy threw one bomb after another. His explanation of a guy’s one-sided love made us all roll with laughter in the aisles. Well, most of the boys could certainly relate with it 😉

The next prodigy we had amongst us was Vishakha, a zealous theatre artist, who playacted Mallika conveying her love for her beloved Kalidasa.

Then the session was continued by Nitish, an avid Shayar, with his profoundly influencing Shayari. He, in his seemingly simple lines with a deep philosophical perspective towards life, recounted the fact how we all are running in rat race and getting no significance at the end. Though we all know that we need to take a deep breath and meet our soul but we don’t get enough time for ourselves and eventually we end up regretting. His verses could be interpreted both as a defeatist as well as hopeful.

And then it was time for a jaw-dropping performance which most of us in the audience could relate with.
Kavya, an 11-grade student, aka ‘a maestro of words and presentation’, gave us goosebumps by a thought-provoking performance about the sexual abuse a girl faces throughout her life and like any other, instead of letting her raise her voice, her family makes her shushhhhhhh… Why? Because the families connect it with their pride, status, and reputation.
And as a matter of fact, the greatest risk to children doesn’t come from strangers, but from friends and family. A stranger being a danger is just an MYTH now!!
It was unsettling to hear such stimulating words from a 16-year-old girl.
The audience was dumbstruck!! We still couldn’t sense that the performance was over even after a long pause.
Apparently, the room was full of claps and applauds.
Everybody there was so tongue-tied that it took us a couple of minutes to move to the next performance.

FinSocial Literature Meet

Sadhna Sharma, writer of this report, narrating the poem composed by her friend Shriya.

Next, we had Ankit Bajaj on the stage with his poem on pain of separation. Saying goodbye to your lover is a heart-breaking moment. You feel as if a part of you is getting separated. You feel as if you will no longer be able to feel your lover’s presence who once was your whole world.

As said by Nicholas Sparks, Dear John-

“I fell in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.”

Most of us could certainly relate to his writing since every person must have experienced separation from his beloved ones in life.

Coming to the other segment, we had experienced as well as aspiring authors who have compiled their words to form a beautiful art of language in the form of their books.
There was diversity of authors, ranging from a writer in her middle forties who writes intense work, to the college-going folks who use their imagination and the modern art of writing which can mesmerize anybody.

Well, words of E. L. Doctorow perfectly fit here-

“Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

Keeping this thought in mind, audience was excited for the maiden interview to be conducted by Rajesh Kumar Choudhary, representing BookishSanta.
So firstly we had Ms. Shruti Upadhaya to make the appearance with her book ‘White Noise’ already published (4.9/5 stars on Amazon). She answered the questions asked by Rajesh about why she writes, what inspires her to write, what’s her style of writing, whether she is reluctant to change her write-ups if not liked by the reviewers. Do watch the video for the whole interview.

After this, we had two budding writers, currently studying in college, who started writing together in grade 11 just to express themselves. Staggering!!
And now, their passion has become their profession as they have now published a book of their own. Isn’t it amazing??  Well, what were all of us doing in school???
It certainly gives a lesson that one needs constant dedication and strong will to go against all odds and pursue our passion along with studies.

All of the performances encountered us with different visions, views and emotions depending upon the kind of subject attached to it, and a world of words beyond our own imagination.
Though it was time to say goodbyes, but we were leaving with a beautiful experience and self enlightenment.

Team FinSocial and Bookishsanta

Team FinSocial and Team Bookishsanta


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