Saturday, December 5

Love defies logic

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I used to say go
But you used to hear stay,
and stay was what i meant to say.
I used to say no
But you heard it as yes,
and yes was not just a guess.
Things like that,
made my day.
Including all the beautiful things,
You used to say.
And i would go,
So effin cray.!

There was no logic
and all i could see was love!

Then…things changed,
How? When? Where?
dont know, but they sure changed.

Now i say no, you hear it no.
You leave at once, if i ask you to go.
Then i get sad, angry and disappointed,
And if it lets out, you feel taunted.

You get confused, and i feel all guilty.
Yes i asked you to go,
but could you not see….
yes in my no?
Stay in my go?
‘Hold tight’ in my ‘leave me alone’?
Love in my hate?!.

I understand your point,
To only say what i mean
To not break the joint,
And keep it simple and clean.

I see the logic,
Logic is all i can see now !

– Ankit Aggarwal


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