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“I don’t need oxygen, I breathe books”.

We are a bunch of misfits who will have the taxation book in one hand and Charles Dickens in another. Our last pages of notebooks are not filled with cross and circle games, but with our most loved quotes. More than photos, we love sharing our musings on social media. For us, matching the balance sheet is like rhyming two sentences of a poem, sections of laws are like a story and auditing like being a grammar-nazi. We are geeks of numbers as well as words.

For all such people, FinSocial is coming with its third edition of LitMeet. LitMeet is a platform for writers, poets, storytellers, wordsmiths and bookworms to meet others like them and share their mutual interest. It is a one of its kind group where you will be surrounded by people from finance background; but there won’t be any discussion on GST. Interest will not be defined by ‘rate’, but by the names of the book we love.

If literature is something, you can’t live without; then mark your calendar for Sunday afternoon on 12th August, 2018.

Event Details-

Sunday 12th August, 2018. 3 PM onwards.

91springboard, Nehru Place

Event Highlights-

1. Poetry Recital/ Storytelling-
Take out that one page from your diary and share with everyone. The poem or story can be your original or the one you love the most.

2. Unconference-
We all love to read alone, but then we need people to discuss what we read. It will be an open platform where we shall choose a topic and express our opinion over it.

3. Book Exchange-
I am not asking you a piece of your heart, just a book. We expect all participants to bring atleast one book from their library and take back any other from the ones brought by others. Knowledge is best served, when shared.

4. Meeting the wordsmiths-
You are not alone. Meet others having similar interest, learn from them, admire their talent and also, get a chance to earm some applauds for your talent.

5. Memories-
While the intangible ones will remain in our hearts, we have some wonderful ‘I am #inFINite’ goodies for you.


We do not charge anything for community events. We will, however, request you to buy the #inFINite goodies hamper, as a means to sponsor the event. It only costs Rs. 100. Please note that all your contribution is used for LitMeet event only.

Click here to register along with sponsoring the event-

There is no compulsion though to buy these goodies. You can register for free as well at following link-

See you on 12th August!


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