FinSocial Battledore- Badminton Meet Up

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Speed of Usain Bolt’s running- 44.72 km/hr
Speed of Ronaldo’s kick- 130 km/hr
Speed of Shoib Akthar’s bowling- 161.3 km/hr
Speed of Federer’s serve- 230 km/hr
Speed of Michael Schumacher’s F1 race- 247 km/hr


If there is a game, apart from cricket, that we all have played in our childhood, it is BADMINTON.

Join us to again play our childhood sports of racket and shuttle, as we are organizing a Badminton Meet Up on Sunday, 23rd December at Siri Sports Complex. Register here and let us together have a SMASHing end to this year!

Event Details-
Date and Time- Sunday, 23rd December 2018. 10 AM onwards.
Location: Siri, Sports, Complex (Near Kamla Nehru College), New Delhi

Event Description-
Singles matches of badminton will be played on international standard turfs. It is not a tournament, but friendly matches with the purpose of sharing happiness and building community. Having said that, no sports is complete without competitive spirit. Format of the matches shall be duly communicated to you.

Points to be noted-
1. Sports attire is mandatory.
2. We recommend you to bring your own rackets.
3. Please be on time.

Registration Fees- Rs. 250 per head

Registration Link-



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