FinSocial Baithak S01E01

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Yeh un dino ki baat hai.

Close your eyes and go down the memory lane. This time, to the simpler times. When every household used to have a specific place where neighbours would gather around to have meaningful conversations. And no matter how long the day was, people used to look forward to that one hour of ‘Baithak’ where stories were narrated and happiness was shared and everyday, you had something to take away home. Values, lessons or may be just an assurance, that there are people who would always be there to listen to you and your stories.

In the last two years, you joined us for Harmonies, litmeets, cycling events and trips. And we are grateful to you for being a part of our family. This time, we want you to come, tell us your story. Your expressions have wings and we give full power to you. Poetry, storytelling, comedy or Music. We promise you, we would listen. Let’s hault in our lives and gather for this enchanting session of conversations where we talk about life and everything else in between.

We know that though our souls might yearn for those simpler times, we crave for craziness too. So post the open mic session, we are hosting the most dhamakedaar party for you, ft. DJ Sobti. Sing your heart out at the Karaoke, and let your feet tap at the dance floor. Suit yourself and bring your own jaam (BYOB) and we will provide unlimited chakhna, snacks and dinner to you. Behold yourself for some crazy games that we have for you in the house. Moreover, we have a surprise , surprise!

So, come join us for this fusion of ‘Old Soul meets New School’, a night full of kahaniyan and comedy, gupshup and introspection, music and karaoke, dance and Dhamaal. Bole to full, paisa Vasool!

Also, you might love to drink and know things but we don’t want you to leave the venue after the party (because the night is dark and full of terrors!). So, we have done a full intezaam of stayover. And we know you wouldn’t want to miss out on the most interesting discussion of town. So, see you around ❤️

Valar Dohaeris!

Date & time- 11 May 2019 , 6:30 pm onwards.
Venue –
Price- INR 800 (inclusive of everything) and don’t forget to bring your own bottle!

Register Here-


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