Wednesday, December 2

About Us

FinSocial is an attempt, by a group of Chartered Accountants, to connect together people from finance background who wants to follow and live their passions and interests. It is a social community for finance professionals and students providing them an open platform to connect with each other. It is a lifestyle aggregator company of number geeks, trying to break the barrier of image they are perceived in and unleashing their creativity to the world.


I am inFINite#

If you are a dancer, singer, musician, traveler, cyclist, sportsperson, writer, poet, storyteller, boxer, photographer, mountaineer, artist, painter, fitness freak, blogger, gadget geek, wrestle-mania fan or anyone from finance background for whom his or her life does not end with office cubicles; FinSocial is for you. One doesn't have to be a professional in any of these field, just the love to follow your interest will do.