Author Nitish

A Freelance Finance Professional. Writes whenever something good strikes.
Have interests in altogether different fields ranging from Freehand Sketches and Poetry to Theatre, Music, Martial Arts (professionally trained) and not to forget “Train Spotting”.
Though, not a people’s person, but still likes to meet a different array of strangers to have a different persective to life and hear out their story.
A wanderer by heart who just wants to go on a life long solo trip around the world (“Longing for a place, I’ve never been to”) .

Poetry Zindagi by Nitish

ज़िंदगी वक्त है रेत सी फिसल गई है ता-उम्र कोशिश की संभाल कर रखने की फ़िर भी हथेलीयों से निकल सी गई है वो बचपन याद…

Poetry Kuch Sawaal by Nitish
कुछ सवाल

मेरी डायरी के कोरे पन्ने कर बैठे एक सवाल अरसा बीता लिखे उनपर कोई कलाम बस इतना सा था मेरा जवाब “मैंने लिखना छोड़ दिया” ।…