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Poetry Aakhiri Khat- A nazm by Nitish
आख़िरी ख़त

तुम्हारा एक पुराना ख़त आज अलमारी के कोने में पड़ा मिला धूल जमी हुई थी कुछ उस पर हल्का सा झाड़ा और धूल हटी तो याद…

Beneath the Skin

There are a thousand different shades beneath the colour of my skin. The blush of the summers, and the love that came with it. The ivory…

Read CA Sadhna Sharma on a roadtrip to Spiti Valley on her scooty
Spiti on a Scooty

My experience of conquering the ever dangerous Spiti Valley on a scooty Spiti Valley is considered to have one of the most dangerous yet beautiful roads…

Poetry Zindagi by Nitish

ज़िंदगी वक्त है रेत सी फिसल गई है ता-उम्र कोशिश की संभाल कर रखने की फ़िर भी हथेलीयों से निकल सी गई है वो बचपन याद…

On a Lighter Note Demonetization eating peanuts
Demonetization- ‘Deep Hidden Benefits’

The real purpose of demonetization, was it to bring back the lost pride of Color Pink or was it to teach us to stand in a Queue. What were the real reasons to ban these Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes? Find out in this highly confidential post as we reveal the the hidden benefits of demonetization.