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Poetry Kuch Sawaal by Nitish
कुछ सवाल

मेरी डायरी के कोरे पन्ने कर बैठे एक सवाल अरसा बीता लिखे उनपर कोई कलाम बस इतना सा था मेरा जवाब “मैंने लिखना छोड़ दिया” ।…

Poetry Undying Hope
Undying Hope

Everything happening around me, seemed wrong, And then, I was tired of being strong. The typhoon attacking my soul was not in a mood to end,…

On a Lighter Note Doing things Auditors Way, poem on auditor
A Hymn for the Auditors

Errors are unintentional, Making internal controls including internal checks vital; Frauds are deliberate, Several risks they procreate, Material misstatements which can create; Data security issues aplenty,…