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Poetry Zindagi by Nitish

ज़िंदगी वक्त है रेत सी फिसल गई है ता-उम्र कोशिश की संभाल कर रखने की फ़िर भी हथेलीयों से निकल सी गई है वो बचपन याद…

On a Lighter Note Demonetization eating peanuts
Demonetization- ‘Deep Hidden Benefits’

The real purpose of demonetization, was it to bring back the lost pride of Color Pink or was it to teach us to stand in a Queue. What were the real reasons to ban these Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes? Find out in this highly confidential post as we reveal the the hidden benefits of demonetization.

Poetry mausam poem by Arjun Awasty
मौसम ||

बालों को सहलाती ये सर्द हवाएं , गुज़रे दिन की हसीन शाम है | तपती दोपहरो में रोज़ कुछ पिघलते , उस गरीब की बेचैन रातो…


रात की ख़ामोशी थी तन्हाई का सहारा था, हज़ारो ख्याल दिल को छू गए हर ख्याल में ज़िक्र तुम्हारा था। कहीं महफ़िल बेनूर थी कहीं तन्हाई…

Read Quest Rajesh write up
The Quest for Purpose in Life

I noticed an issue that crept in our conversations time and again- that they are not enjoying their lives. Mind you, they are successful in their profession with hefty pay packages, regular vacations and are leading a life which may be envious to outsiders. But still, they are not having the time of their life. This question left me pondering for quite some time as to what might be missing in their life which seems perfect from outside.

Poetry Each is a Godsent by Tarini Suneja
Each is a Godsend

When things go awry, Do not withdraw, re-try; No breaking into bray, Many in the fray; All stars shine, oceans have brine, Don’t whine, be benign;…